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EduXchange is partially funded by the European Commission's eLearning initiative.

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The EduXchange Project


EduXchange’s goal is to study and facilitate deployment of viable business model(s) based on the exchange of educational content between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and the corporate sector (large corporations and SMEs) at European level.
EduXchangeaims at preparing the ground for a business framework by providing a business model together with an implementation roadmap, based on a Private Public Partnership scheme. At the core of this business framework lays a European brokerage service specifically devised to retrieve and transfer knowledge, generated in an academic context, towards corporate training and learning needs.


Thus, EduXchange contributes to bridging the gap between the academic and the corporate world. It aims at strengthening cross-sector cooperation and digital content exchange.

Within this general framework, the project pursues the following objectives:

  • To create appropriate channels and services for European HEIs to market valuable academic knowledge,
  • To facilitate the transfer of new knowledge from their context of generation to appropriate contexts of application
  • To enhance international competitiveness of European corporations (large corporations as well as SMEs) by making use of new, academic knowledge for corporate education and training needs
  • To facilitate the access to and shared use of digital formats of knowledge, thereby considerably reducing the costs involved in corporate training/learning


EduXchange envisions the creation of a network of collaboration of projects and initiatives, on national and European levels, in the field of education brokerage in view of an exchange of research results and a possible transfer of project results into the design of a viable University-to-Corporate (U2C) -brokerage model
EduXchange operates in the mode of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that involve key actors from the academic and the corporate world. SIGs include, from the outset, people from organizations, institutions, and corporations who:

  • Are in a position to identify the needs and demands on both the academic and the corporate sides,
  • Are able to contribute to the expansion of the SIGs to a broader European network,
  • Are in a position to take on responsibility for the viability and sustainability of the solutions to be offered
  • Do have a viable interest in the future use of project results
  • And who stand for the quality of technical and business solutions as well as the services to be offered in the future.


Creation and management of three high level Special Interest Groups by involving key players from the HEIs as well as the corporate sector, engages the following main activities:

  • Direct contacts to key stakeholders (individuals, organizations, university consortia, professional associations, chambers of commerce etc.])
  • Public seminars to create awareness for the need of U2C-brokerage services
  • SIG-working sessions to validate the business model and the services to be offered.

Furthermore, EduXchange:

  • Carries out expert interviews to identify the needs and demands along the education brokerage value chain
  • Organizes special workshops and public seminars with main stakeholders the prerequisites for the implementation of successful business models
  • Identifies, by means of surveys and screenings, the technological infrastructure as well as the organizational solutions needed
  • Develops a business plan and a roadmap for (University-to-Corporate) U2C-brokerage services and digital content exchange

The design and validation of business cases for the envisioned U2C-brokerage model essentially includes the definition, design and validation of a service and technology portfolio as well as a roadmap (staged draft business plan) for implementation, based on a Private Public Partnership. Validation will be carried out within SIGs in cooperation with other external partners.


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